Month: September 2017

British De Lisle Carbine bolt-action rifle

This post accompanies the eighteenth in a series of collaborative videos produced with ARES Researcher Ian McCollum, who also runs the Forgotten Weapons blog and YouTube channel. Using access to unique collections facilitated by ARES, this series of videos will examine a range of interesting weapons over the coming months. Each video will be accompanied by a blog

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Craft-produced anti-materiel rifles and light cannon in Yemen

Yuri Lyamin with ImproGuns A video published 23 August 2017 which was purportedly produced by the ‘Defense Industry Department’ of the armed forces who are loyal to the Ansar Allah (‘Houthi’) movement, shows several types of craft-produced weapons being developed and employed, including anti-materiel rifles and light cannon up to 23 mm and even 30

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