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2X35 sub-calibre training device used as AMR in Syria

Jonathan Ferguson The Firearm Blog recently posted an interesting article about an unusual anti-materiel rifle in use with forces affiliated with the Free Syrian Army. ARES has now identified this weapon. The rifle is indeed chambered in 14.5 × 114 mm, but has not been craft-produced and is not, as has been speculated, blowback operated.

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Firearms using 3D-printed components seized in Sweden

ImproGuns In January and February this year police in Malmö, Sweden seized two firearms which appear to have been partially constructed from parts produced using a 3D printer. A photo, released by the Police, of one of the firearms shows that the lower and upper receivers as well as the outer barrel assembly display characteristics consist

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ARES Research Note 7: Cartridge Headspace

Armament Research Services has released its latest Research Note, authored by ARES Technical Specialist Jonathan Ferguson. Research Note 7 gives an overview of the concept of cartridge headspace (CHS), and its importance in the correct functioning of a firearm. ARES Research Notes are short form publications, designed to provide brief, accurate information on a single

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