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Hungarian FÉG KGP-9 sub-machine gun

Kristóf Nagy Development History The history of this little-known firearm can be traced back to the summer of 1986, when János Egerszegi, the head of the Hungarian Institute for Military Technology (MN HTI), drafted specifications for a modern 9 × 19 mm sub-machine gun over the space of a few weeks. While the Hungarian military

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Hungarian 42/48 M. hand grenade

Kristóf Nagy Introduction The Hungarian-developed and produced 42 M. hand grenade, and the later 42/48 M. variant, became the primary weapon of its class for the Hungarian armed forces from the late phase of the Second World War until the early 1990s. Its reliable, easy-to-manufacture construction and the versatility of employment against a multitude of

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Hungarian Danuvia K1 for sale in Libya via social media

Alex Larkin ARES recently announced our ongoing data collection and analysis pertaining to the illicit sale of arms via social media and communications platforms in conflict and post-conflict zones. From time to time, we will be featuring items of interest uncovered during our research, here on The Hoplite. A rare Hungarian Danuvia K1 (Kucher Model 1)

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