Video Game Services


Armament Research Services (ARES) provides a range of unique services tailored to video game production. Below are some examples of the specialised consulting that ARES has to offer.
Audio Recording:
ARES can provide high quality audio recording from an exhaustive range of arms and munitions. Audio recording is separated into Handling and Manipulation Recording (including reloading, charging, clearing of weapon jams, etc), and Live Fire Recording.

Note: Live Fire Recording in non-range environments, and recording for exotic, rare or expensive weapons and ammunition types incur extra costs. Please contact ARES for more information regarding your specific audio recording needs.

Video Reference Material:
ARES offers detailed and high quality video reference materials of highly trained and experienced personnel manipulating and firing weapons. Material can be tailored to demonstrate a range of standard and exotic handling and firing techniques, or to accurately represent known armed forces’ and combatants’ techniques from around the world.

Motion Capture:
ARES can provide trained professionals to handle, manipulate and simulate firing of a range of weapons for the purpose of motion capture. Handling and firing techniques can be tailored to your specific needs, as above.

Photographic Reference Material:
Highly detailed photographs of weapons, munitions and other military hardware from all angles can be provided, tailored to assist in modelling of the item. This includes Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW), larger weapons systems, and ordnance.

Technical Review:
ARES can provide technical expertise to assist in accurate weapons information. This can cover topics including weapon descriptions, technical specification and ballistics data, weapon behaviours and assistance with regard to historical and factual accuracy. Our staff can also assist your development and management teams in negotiating the legal, cultural, and geopolitical issues surrounding the portrayal of arms in video games.


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