Dutchman breaks world record in online poker

Today, Dutchman Martin Hummel has been listed in the famous Guinness Book of Records. Hummel managed to set a new world record by playing non-stop online poker for 48 hours already a year ago. The record was previously held by Tom Maaswinkel, also a Dutchman. He managed to set the record by playing poker online for 24 hours on May 10, 2019. Hummel let it be known two years ago that he wanted to attempt to break the record 'Longest Marathon Playing Online Poker.' On April 2, 2021, the Dutchman started playing and only stopped after 48 hours.

40 poker tournaments

Hummel played over 40 poker tournaments in total. The poker player's best result was 36th place but also finished in 1944th place at one tournament. Guinness World Records informed that Hummel streamed his adventure in its entirety on Twitch. In addition to poker tournaments, the player could also be found in several cash games as well as in casinos in India. List casinos in India here. Hummel played on the platform of the gaming provider PokerStars. The site is currently no longer available for Dutch players. An alternative is the legal gaming site GGPoker. Additionally, online poker can be played at other legal online casinos, such as BetCity.nl, Kasino, and Jack's Casino Online.

Delay due to a faltering video system

Martin Hummel had to submit an application to take a shot at a new world record. His application arrived at Guinness World Records in September 2020 and was approved two months later. In April 2021, the Dutchman then decided to actually start his attempt. Guinness World Records had two witnesses at all times during the record attempt. In addition, Hummel had to record a video of the total record attempt of 48 hours. You can see excerpts of the video on the website corporateconnection.in. However, due to a faltering video system, the attempt had to be checked several times. In February 2022, Hummel then received official recognition after all.