There is an urban legend that experienced players know which slot machine to pump up. However, according to a recent study, there is no basis for this. Finding the key is not a matter of intuition. In casinos, players who are old foxes usually go around the machines before choosing which half-armed robber is best to rob. There are legends about how regular players can tell which machine is the winner. But a recent study, stylistically conducted by staff at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas , refutes these myths, according to Neuroscience News columns.

It is the secret knowledge of players

Dr. Anthony Lucas, a professor and fellow university business science researcher at San Diego State University, Dr. Catherine Spilde has been researching the psychology of gambling, especially slot machines, for many years. Their current study put casino guests in Sydney to the test.With the right combination, half-armed robbers return some of the money invested in them - the payout rate varies from machine to machine. It is widely believed that regular players are able to determine from a variety of signals which automatically have the best chance of winning. The researchers placed digital slot machines in pairs that were completely identical in appearance, but the payout rates between them differed. The lowest rate was 7.98 percent - that's how much of the total money invested was left in the house - and the highest was 14.93 percent. You will find the best game premise by going to curacao casinon

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Under the spell of slot machines

Researchers tracked machine traffic for nine months. Meanwhile, in terms of the amount of money in them and the payout ratio, they were constantly calculating how much they could win. Attendance of machine pair members remained virtually unchanged over the period in question, players did not divide the worst-numbered machines into more favorable ones.

The results confirmed lessons learned from studies Lucas conducted in the United States, Mexico, and Australia. The differences between machines in Mexican casinos are greater than in the U.S., but there is not much of an emigration there, either. The researchers believe the study is also of interest to casino operators because their biggest income comes from semi-armed robbers, so it doesn't matter what payout ratios and expected winnings they get for players.

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