Project Support and Technical Review

Project Support

Drawing on a wide range of skills and knowledge areas, ARES is able to offer support and technical assistance at any stage during a project. Whether providing tailored advice during the latter stages of a project, or managing a highly-technical project from its outset, ARES is able to deliver scalable project support services as required. ARES is also able to assist with or oversee the production of a range of publications dealing with arms and munitions themes, and can provide expert contributions as required.

Technical Review
ARES offers a technical review and fact-checking service, ideal for think tanks, NGOs, government departments, and news organisations looking to ensure they release an accurate product. ARES can provide comprehensive assessments of existing or forthcoming publications, with feedback from one or more area specialists. ARES technical review services ensure product accuracy, protecting your organisation’s reputation, and the highest quality output.
For specific information regarding Weapons of Concern (landmines, white phosphorous, cluster munitions, etc.) Click Here.

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