Research and Analysis


ARES conducts research into a wide range of arms and munitions related topics, both offsite and in-country. In-country research can be conducted in both permissive and non-permissive environments; ARES specialises in data collection in conflict and post-conflict zones and the development and management of local and international sources. Data collection is typically augmented by open-source intelligence (OSINT), including the exploitation of material available on social media networks. Research can be focused on specific weapon types, countries, or armed groups party to a conflict, and can report on the evolution of weapons use within armed conflicts as well as flows of arms due to proliferation, trafficking, and diversion.

ARES specialises in delivering professional analysis of issues relating to arms and munitions. Identification and technical analysis of arms and munitions, policy assistance, counter-proliferation, WMD (CBRNe), stockpile assessments (state and non-state armed groups), explosives safety and storage (incorporating PSSM), country-specific arms analyses (China, Eastern Bloc, Iran, Sudan etc.), security sector reform (SSR), and technical intelligence exploitation are common themes in our work. Analysis can be tailored to your requirements, and produced as part of a larger project or in discrete outputs. ARES is also able to assist in arms and munitions tracing, either initiating requests to foreign governments, transport companies, and producers, or supporting your efforts in this field.
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