ARES Glossary

The ARES Glossary provides a reference tool for key technical terms used in ARES publications from July 2022 onwards, although the included terms are also likely to be encountered by readers of arms and munitions literature more broadly. Although originally developed to support the ARES Arms & Munitions Classification System (ARCS), the ARES Glossary will be updated more frequently than the ARCS document, with the master version living here on this webpage. It is intended as a ‘living document’, and subject to ongoing updates and additions.

The current public release of the ARES Glossary (ver1.1) is available to download here.

Version History

Version 1.0 (internal only) October 2021
Version 1.1 (public release) July 2022

Should you wish to give feedback on one or more glossary entries, or suggest terms for inclusion, please contact: Please ensure that your feedback cites specific sources, or is otherwise founded upon an established body of work, rather than simply presenting an opinion.