Month: June 2017

British Korsak E.M.1 light machine gun

This post accompanies the twelfth in a series of collaborative videos produced with ARES Researcher Ian McCollum, who also runs the Forgotten Weapons blog and YouTube channel. Using access to unique collections facilitated by ARES, this series of videos will examine a range of interesting weapons over the coming months. Each video will be accompanied by a blog

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British HSR Cyclone anti-materiel rifles in Iraq

Miles Vining The Iraqi Emergency Response Brigade (ERB) is a component of the Ministry of the Interior, specifically structured as a counter-terrorism force responding to attacks within the borders of Iraq. Since 2016, however,  ERB forces have been serving in an offensive capacity alongside Iraqi Special Operations Forces, particularly during the ongoing battle for Mosul. As

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British Enfield SA80 Part 8: Grenade Launchers

Note: The information in this article has been superseded by that authored by Jonathan Ferguson & N.R. Jenzen-Jones and published in Jonathan Ferguson’s important original research work, Thorneycroft to SA80: British Bullpup Firearms, 1901–2020. That book is available from the Headstamp Publishing website: This post accompanies the eleventh in a series of collaborative videos produced with

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