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Emergent Explosives: Additive Manufacturing of Energetic Materials

Graeme Rice Additive Manufacturing (AM) describes the process of creating a three-dimensional object by building up a series of successive layers of material(s) over time. This method of manufacture has become increasingly popular across a wide range of industries, and 3D printers are now used by hobbyists at the enthusiast level, and by multinational aerospace

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Counter-IED Report article: Improvised, craft-produced, and repurposed UAV munitions

ARES Researcher Galen Wright and Director N.R. Jenzen-Jones authored an article which was published in the latest edition of the Counter-IED Report. Since 2016, the use of improvised munitions delivered by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) operated by non-state actors – and even some governments – has increased dramatically. The article, which draws largely on three

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IS victim-operated IED switch designs in Iraq

Kenton Fulmer Journalists embedded with the Peshmerga continue to gain firsthand experience with Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) employed by the Islamic State (IS). ARES received information from an embedded journalist detailing two designs of IED switch that are being encountered frequently by Peshmerga and Iraqi security forces in their continuing effort to counter IS in

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