Archaeological Consulting

ARES is able to offer support to private and government archaeological efforts, providing specialist expertise in a range of arms and munitions topics ranging from mediaeval handgonnes to modern aircraft bombs. Deploying anywhere in the world to support field archaeology, or providing advice and analysis from afar, ARES personnel draw on a wide range of disciplines and historical knowledge to fill critical gaps within projects.

We can provide risk assessments specific to historical munitions, including decomposition analysis, sensitivity statements, and unexploded ordnance (UXO) or explosive remnants of war (ERW) surveys. ARES personnel are also able to advise on options for disposal or preservation of UXO/ERW, including non-destructive or minimally invasive render-safe procedures (RSPs). Too often, inexperience with historical munitions leads to the unnecessary destruction of historical artefacts.

ARES personnel have worked on a number of such projects, including:

  • • A UXO assessment aboard the wreck of a Japanese midget submarine in Australia.
  • • A historical assessment of a fort site and coastal battery in the Middle East.
  • • A safety assessment of early European ordnance recovered in Latin America.
  • • Supporting a finds team in identifying artefacts from an early WWI battlefield in East Africa.

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