Month: May 2020

Polymer 3D-printed barrel successfully tested

G. Hays Following on from the release of the FGC-9 (see ARES Research Report No. 8 for details), development in the area of 3D-printed firearms components has been rapidly progressing. Recently, this was expressed in the testing of another novel semi-automatic firearm, in this case a .22 LR AR-style ‘pistol’ featuring a barrel entirely printed

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ARES releases Research Report 9: Menace or Myth?

Armament Research Services (ARES) is very pleased to announce the release of Research Report No. 9, Menace or Myth? A Closer Look at the “Cop-killer” 5.7 × 28 mm Cartridge. This latest research report investigates the myths and misconceptions surrounding the FN Herstal 5.7 × 28 mm cartridge, assessing the technical characteristics of both the

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Luty Sub-machine Guns: past, present & future

Chloe Tousignant Philip A. Luty was a British designer of homemade firearms. Whilst he did not consider himself an activist, he held strong beliefs in favour of universal firearms ownership and expressed these via his website and other platforms. As a

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