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Firearms handed in during London handgun amnesty

The ARES Team Gun buyback and amnesty programmes have been conducted around the world, being particularly popular in the United States. They have met with mixed success. The UK’s Metropolitan Police launched the #GiveUpYourGun campaign on 6 February 2017, where London residents can hand in their firearms without having to provide a name or information.

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Unknown submachine gun with fake markings seized in Europe

The ARES Team with ‘Improguns’ Along with the recently documented ‘R9-Arms’ pistol, another previously-unknown 9mm submachine gun (‘machine pistol’) has been seized in significant numbers from organised crime groups in various European countries, most notably Italy and the United Kingdom. These new weapons are deceptively marked ‘Intratec TEC-9’, which is inscribed to a professional standard. Given that

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