ISOF Arms & Equipment Part 2 – Precision Rifles

Miles Vining Although the suicide vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (SVBIED) threat from the so called Islamic State against Iraqi forces remains at an all-time high, one of the leading cause of casualties that the Iraqi Special Operations Forces (ISOF) are suffering is from Islamic State marksmen who are carrying out deadly attacks within the dense

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ISOF Arms & Equipment Part 1 – Personal Equipment

Miles Vining Editor’s note: We are pleased to welcome Miles Vining as a contributing author on The Hoplite. Miles is a former US Marine Corps infantryman who now researches and writes on small arms and tactical equipment. This is the first part of a series examining the arms and equipment employed by the Iraqi Special Operations

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Canadian NEA PDW-CCS self-loading rifles in service with Peshmerga and ISOF in Iraq

Miles Vining Recent photographs shared via social media have shown members of Kurdish Peshmerga and personal security detachments within the Iraqi Special Operations Force 1 Brigade (ISOF 1) carrying the 7.5″ PDW-CCS self-loading rifle produced by North Eastern Arms (NEA) of Ontario, Canada. The rifles in question are also pictured outfitted with NEA’s “Mini Can”

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