Small Arms Survey Research Note 43: Producers of Small Arms, Light Weapons, & Ammunition

The Small Arms Survey, a Geneva-based research institute, have released their latest Research Note, authored by ARES Director N.R. Jenzen-Jones. Examining the producers of small arms and light weapons and ammunition worldwide, this brief information sheet identifies 30 states which comprise some of the world’s major manufacturers. The note also identifies various countries producing guided light weapons, including MANPADS and ATGWs. An excerpt from the note follows:

While the industry is in many ways opaque, examining patterns of small arms and light weapons exports provides some insight into the production capabilities of many countries. The Small Arms Survey has identified 20 countries that have exported USD 100 million worth of small arms and light weapons or more in a single calendar year since 2001 (see Table 3). This number is likely larger, given the opacity of the arms trade (Holtom, Pavesi and Rigual, 2014). All of these exporters are also significant producers of small arms and light weapons, while other producers manufacture primarily for their domestic markets. However, not all exporters are producers. Some countries with recorded ‘exports’—significantly smaller than those listed in this report—are simply countries through which arms and munitions have transited or been re-exported.

You can read the full text of Research Note 43: Producers of Small Arms, Light Weapons, & Ammunition here.