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South African Police seize Chinese CS/LS5 sub-machine gun

Jonathan Ferguson Amongst a handful of small arms seized on 6 September by police in Johannesburg, South Africa was an unusual Chinese sub-machine gun or pistol-calibre carbine. Superficially similar to the German Heckler & Koch MP5 and UMP—two better-known 9 × 19 mm sub-machine guns—this original design is available in both military/law enforcement and sporting

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ARES ‘Quicklook’ video series

We are pleased to announce that selected short video reports derived from our ‘Quicklook’ series will now be made publicly available. These video reports, typically a few minutes in length, examine events relevant to ARES clients and provide brief contextual and observational information. Deeper analysis of any of these events is available to selected clients;

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Craft-produced firearms used in shoot-out with police in Odessa

ImproGuns A shootout with police in the Ukrainian city of Odessa last Friday left 3 people dead including the shooter. The attack appears to have been carried out using one or more craft-produced firearms. Valentin Doroshenko, a 57 year old man who has been identified in some sources as the shooter, was known locally for his pro-Russia

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