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AK-103 self-loading rifle in Nigeria

The ARES Team Update 29/6/16: The image appears to be lightly distorted, however the steel magazine second from left in the top row, appears to be a Chinese 5.56 x 45 mm magazine. This may further support the possibility the weapon is an AK-101 (adopted in limited numbers elsewhere in Africa), however an AK-103 remains the most likely identification.

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South Korean Daewoo K2 Rifle in Nigeria

Jonathan Ferguson Update: The belt-fed machine guns in the above image are in fact Czech Uk vz. 68 (7.62 x 51 mm) models, a type notable for its use in the region. A Nigerian newspaper website last week posted an article examining the ‘Niger Delta Avengers’ (NDA) a non-state armed group formed in early 2016 whose

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Boko Haram with UAG-40 automatic grenade launcher in Nigeria

ARES Team On 24 April, Boko Haram (the Nigerian affiliate of the Islamic State) released information and images relating to an ambush against a component from the Nigerian Army’s 155 Task Force. Among the captured weapons and equipment is a UAG-40 automatic grenade launcher manufactured by Leninska Kuznya of Ukraine. The UAG-40 is a blowback

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