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Craft-produced 7.62 mm revolver in Nigeria

ImproGuns According to reports circulating on social media and Nigerian news sites, officers of the Nigerian Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) recovered craft-produced firearms from the bodies of two suspected robbers shot along a highway connecting Kano to Zaria state. One of the weapons seized appears to be a fairly typical craft-produced open bolt sub-machine

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Arms diversion: a Caracal Model F pistol in Libya

Hassan Morajea with Michael Smallwood Pictures supplied to ARES show a Caracal F semi-automatic  pistol, produced by Caracal, a United Arab Emirates-based firearms manufacturer. This particular Model F is the personal protection weapon of an owner of a gold jewellery store in Tripoli’s Old City, in Libya. The owner, ‘U‘, says he purchased the pistol a few months

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