Chinese ‘Chang Feng’ sub-machine gun in Venezuela

Pedro Pérez

The Chinese Chang Feng CF05 sub-machine gun remains in service with security forces in Venezuela. Perhaps the first appearance of this weapon in the country was during an awards ceremony in November 2017. In July 2018, it was observed during a rehearsal for the Independence Day parade on 5 July.

According to local sources, the weapon is being issued in small numbers to the 509 Special Forces Battalion of the Army, Presidential Honor Guard personnel, and members of the Special Unit for Security and Protection of State Personalities (UESPPE). Taking into account the military units that the weapon has been issued to, it is very likely to be used in a close personal protection (CPP) role. The Chang Feng SMG has been pictured in Venezuelan service without accessories, and in a configuration fitted with the Chinese LLR-2 light/laser module, optical sight, and suppressor.

Figure 1.1 
Presidential Honor Guard soldier during rehearsals for the 5 July Independence Day military parade (source: Instagram account via ARES CONMAT Database).

In Venezuelan service, firearms tend to retain their factory or export designations rather than being type-designated. For example, the Beretta 92FS is referred to as such in Venezuelan military service. Sources connected to the Venezuelan military refer to the Chang Feng as the ‘CF05’, although further evidence is required before claiming this is the official Venezuelan military designation.

The Chang Feng design is a hammer-fired, blow-back operated sub-machine gun firing from a closed bolt and feeding from a fifty-round helical magazine. A forthcoming ARES article by N.R. Jenzen-Jones will provide further details on the weapon. The technical specifications from that article are reproduced below.

Figure 1.2 509 Special Forces Battalion and Presidential Honor Guard personnel stand at the ready during an awards ceremony in 2017 (source: Venezuelan social media via ARES CONMAT Database).

Technical Specifications
Calibre: 9 × 19 mm
Overall Length (butt-stock collapsed): 412 mm (w/out suppressor); 631 mm (w/ suppressor)
Overall Length (butt-stock extended): 595 mm (w/out suppressor); 814 mm (w/ suppressor)
Weight: 2.3 kg (empty w/ magazine)
Sight radius: 285 mm
Rate of fire: 800 rds/min
Feed device: 50-round detachable helical magazine
V0: 360 m/s

Jenzen-Jones, N.R. 2019. ‘Chinese CS/LS06 ‘Chang Feng’ Sub-machine Gun’. The Hoplite. Perth: Armament Research Services.


CEOFANB Twitter account Instagram account


Header image: Admiral Ceballos, CEOFANB Commander, presents awards to Presidential Honor Guard personnel (source: CEOFANB Twitter account via ARES CONMAT Database).


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