IDF recover various weapons including improvised firearms in Nablus

Jonathan Ferguson

Israel Defence Force (IDF) soldiers from the Yahalom (“Diamond”) special unit, recovered hundreds of weapons as well as quantities of ammunition and explosives during a raid in Nablus, West Bank, on 17 June.

Prominently featured is an AR-15 with A1 style 20” barrel, A2 style handguards, and fitted with what appears to be a cheaply made Chinese 20x magnification telescopic sight. The weapon is not an IDF configuration, so may be a civilian semi-automatic variant (the scope reinforces this likelihood). A number of AR-15 accessory and component parts are also visible, suggesting attempts at basic gunsmithing.

IDF_2 - Copy

Several homemade, blowback-operated submachine guns have been captured, most likely chambered for 9 x 19 mm. These are of the type previously recovered from Hamas, and sometimes referred to locally as ‘Carlo pistols’. They are built upon simple round-section metal tube receivers, with these examples featuring AR-15 pistol grips.

One image shows a 1950s-vintage Beretta Model 51 type pistol, chambered for 9 x 19 mm. An AR-15-style CO2 paintball gun is seen in one image, and an air rifle or possibly expedient single-shot rifle also appears.