ARES releases Research Report 11: Cartridges of Caracas

Armament Research Services (ARES) is pleased to announce the release of Research Report No. 11, Cartridges of Caracas: The illicit trade in small-calibre ammunition in Venezuela’s capital. Research Report 11 adds an analysis of ammunition to the information presented in Research Report 10, which looked a the online trade of small arms and light weapons

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Venezuelan Caribe sub-machine gun

Pedro Pérez The ‘Caribe’ sub-machine gun is a prototype design under development by the Compañia Anonima Venezolana de Industrias Militares (CAVIM) in Venezuela. Very little is known about the design, with government sources claiming it has been in development since 2006. Initially known as the F-Caribe, the current working design appears to be known as

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