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Variations in Early AR-15/M16 Rifle Buttstocks

Chuck Madurski A surprising—albeit subtle—variety of fixed polymer buttstocks were used on early AR-15/M16-series rifles. There are five basic types, although it does not appear that these ever received unique manufacturer’s designations. Collectors today know them as the Type A through Type E. These stocks were fitted to the Colt Models 601 through 604, and

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Firearms Seized from Venezuelan Smugglers in Florida

Matthew Moss On 15 August 2020, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers took two Venezuelan nationals into custody at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida. The two men were about to depart aboard a private jet loaded with a cache of firearms and ammunition. As a recent ARES report into the illicit online

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Headstamp Publishing launches British bullpup rifles book!

Headstamp Publishing, publishers of the wildly successful Chassepot to FAMAS: French Military Rifles, 1866–2016, have today launched a Kickstarter pre-order campaign for their second book. This book, titled Thorneycroft to SA80: British Bullpup Firearms, 1901–2020, was written by ARES Technical Specialist Jonathan Ferguson and charts the British love affair with the ‘flipped’ bullpup rifle and

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