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Russian POM-3 anti-personnel landmines documented in Ukraine (2022)

Mick F. & N.R. Jenzen-Jones On the 28 March 2022, a pro-Ukrainian Facebook account posted several pictures of  Protivopekhotnaya Oskolochnaya Mina 3 (противопехотная осколочная мина; ПОМ-3; POM-3) scatterable anti-personnel (AP) landmines and one КБ ПОМ-3 (KB POM-3) cassette—each holding four POM-3 mines—apparently taken in Kharkiv Oblast, in the east of Ukraine (bordering the Russian Federation).

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Type 84 Scatterable Anti-Tank Mines in Syria

N.R. Jenzen-Jones and Yuri Lyamin The Syrian conflict continues to see the use of new types of weapons by the various parties to the conflict.  On the 23rd April of this year, new footage emerged from the area near Sawaysa town in the Syrian province of Quneitra, showing the use of another new weapon: Chinese Type

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