ZRP-2 mine-clearing line charges captured from Pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine

Yuri Lyamin

Amongst various arms and munitions recovered from pro-Russian separatists by Ukrainian forces in recent days, were ZRP-2 Tropa (‘Path’) man-portable mine-clearing line charges. ЗРП stands for ‘заряд разминирования переносной’, or ‘portable mine clearance charge’. The ZRP-2 is designed to create a breach in an antipersonnel minefield under combat conditions. Some modern mines have fuzes designed to defeat the use of mine-clearing line charges.

The ZRP-2 system consists of the DKR-150 line charge, D-ZRP-2M rocket engine, connecting rope, fuze, brake cord, initiation device, launcher, anchors, and backpack for transport. After assembly, the line charge is launched and propelled over the minefield by a rocket engine. The charge is remotely detonated by a mechanical fuze. The alignment of the charge in a minefield is performed manually, using the brake cord during the combustion of the pyrotechnic delay fuze. When the charge detonates, it detonates or displacing buried mines, thus clearing a path for infantry to cross through minefield.


Technical Specifications

Type of charge: DKR-150 line charge
Length of line charge: 60 m
Delivery distance: 160 m
Cleared path dimensions: 0.4 m x 54-60 m
Assembly time: 5 minutes
Weight in backpack: 34 kg
Operators: 1-2