Month: March 2014

5.66 x 39 MPS cartridges near Kiev

N.R. Jenzen-Jones The seizure of former president Viktor Yanukovych’s estate in Mezhyhirya, an hour’s drive from Kiev, turned up a range of interesting arms and munitions. Nearby, a variety of ammunition was recovered from a private lake, including the cartridges shown in the image above. These are 5.66 x 39 mm rounds for the Russian made APS (Автомат

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Assessment of the Khaibar-1 Rockets Captured by the IDF

Yuri Lyamin and N.R. Jenzen-Jones One of the greatest mysteries of the Syrian military industrial complex is a 302 mm rocket system known as the Khaibar-1 (also referred to as the M302 or M-302). Information about this system is limited, largely due to the lack of primary source material and low number of useful photographs.

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ARES Research Report No.1: Improvised Employment of S-5 Air-to-Surface Rockets in Land Warfare

Armament Research Services is proud to release the first in a series of long-form ARES Research Reports. Authored by Yuri Lyamin and N.R. Jenzen-Jones, “Improvised Employment of S-5 Air-to-Surface Rockets in Land Warfare” aims to provide a brief history and technical appraisal of a battlefield phenomenon which has received little attention to date. Below are

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GM-94 grenade launchers in use with Russian forces in Crimea

N.R. Jenzen-Jones Recent images from the Russian seizure of the Crimean peninsula have highlighted the range of weaponry employed by Russian forces and combatants identified as either pro-Russian militias or private security contractors. Amongst these weapons is the GM-94, a pump-action grenade launcher chambered for a proprietary 43 mm cartridge. These polymer-cased rounds are available

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