Silah Report joins ARES team

Armament Research Services (ARES) is pleased to announce that Silah Report—a research endeavour exploring contemporary and historical small arms & light weapons in the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia regions—will be joining the ARES team. Silah Report will operate as an independent, non-commercial subsidiary, providing timely, public, and regionally focused ‘first-look’ research. ARES will continue to produce detailed, best-in-class analysis for government and non-government clients, and will handle all commercial relationships for both entities.

ARES Director N.R. Jenzen-Jones described the acquisition of Silah Report as “a strategic expansion enhancing our data collection networks, and providing our clients with an ever-broader range of timely, first-hand intelligence” and pointed out that Silah Report will be “an important platform for supporting up-and-coming researchers and analysts”.  He also noted that the partnership will “further ARES’ long-standing commitment to providing a platform for researchers within conflict-afflicted regions to contribute to the global conversation”.

Silah Report founder Miles Vining said he is confident that the arrangement “will help both ARES and Silah Report to continue to play a key role in generating important research into often-misunderstood topics.” SR will remain a primarily reader-funded endeavour, producing freely and publicly available research. You can support their hard work on Patreon.

Mr. Vining will continue to manage Silah Report on behalf of ARES, and said that he was “excited to move forward with new support, and to draw on ARES expertise and experience to achieve bigger and better things for SR”. According to Mr. Jenzen-Jones, “Miles has been a valued ARES contributor for years, and it is a great pleasure to have him lead this increasingly important endeavour for us”.

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You can find Silah Report’s corresponding announcement here.