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Modified NSV sold as anti-materiel rifle in Yemen

Jonathan Ferguson A mystery 12.7 × 108 mm anti-materiel rifle documented for sale in Yemen earlier this summer—described as ‘craft-produced’ by some observers—has been identified by ARES. It is not, in fact, craft-produced but rather an ingenious yet relatively straightforward modification of an NSV-type heavy machine gun (HMG). The gun’s barrelled action has simply been

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Hungarian Danuvia K1 for sale in Libya via social media

Alex Larkin ARES recently announced our ongoing data collection and analysis pertaining to the illicit sale of arms via social media and communications platforms in conflict and post-conflict zones. From time to time, we will be featuring items of interest uncovered during our research, here on The Hoplite. A rare Hungarian Danuvia K1 (Kucher Model 1)

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