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British Accuracy International AW sniper rifle in Syria

N.R. Jenzen-Jones Update 150828, 2035 GMT: It has been suggested that the configuration of the rifle is very similar to that seen in service with Russian SOF units, including the Badger Ordnance IMUNS. Given Russia’s increased involvement in Syria recently, this may point to the rifle’s provenance, whether employed by Russian SOF in support of Syrian

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Iranian AM50 and Russian ORSIS T-5000 rifles in Iraq

Yuri Lyamin with Michael Smallwood Recent photos to emerge from Iraq show government troops with new Iranian  AM50 (sometimes written ‘AM-50’) anti-materiel rifles (AMR) and Russian ORSIS T-5000 sniper rifles. Whilst initially misidentified as the Austrian Steyr HS .50, the photos suggest that these rifles are in fact an Iranian produced copy of the HS .50, known

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