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Firearms handed in during London handgun amnesty

The ARES Team Gun buyback and amnesty programmes have been conducted around the world, being particularly popular in the United States. They have met with mixed success. The UK’s Metropolitan Police launched the #GiveUpYourGun campaign on 6 February 2017, where London residents can hand in their firearms without having to provide a name or information.

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Arms diversion in Libya: An update

Michael Smallwood An update to our November blog post on the Caracal Model F self-loading pistol documented in Tripoli’s Old City, Libya, comes courtesy of the UN Panel of Experts on Libya’s latest report to the UN Security Council. This report analyses the effectiveness of the arms embargo on Libya as well as other related

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Arms diversion: a Caracal Model F pistol in Libya

Hassan Morajea with Michael Smallwood Pictures supplied to ARES show a Caracal F semi-automatic  pistol, produced by Caracal, a United Arab Emirates-based firearms manufacturer. This particular Model F is the personal protection weapon of an owner of a gold jewellery store in Tripoli’s Old City, in Libya. The owner, ‘U‘, says he purchased the pistol a few months

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New Pistol Designs out of Libya

Jonathan Ferguson The demand for firearms in Libya has brought to light three handguns so far undocumented, at least in the English-speaking world. At least one of these (pictured below) is available in lethal-purpose form, though based upon a blank firing handgun and possibly also produced in that form. It is a sub-compact design, and

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